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Configuring SharePoint without Active Directory Account

When you are installing SharePoint (2016 or 2013) on your development machine outside any organization's network, you will not be having any Active Directory account to complete the SharePoint configuration wizard. In such scenario, If you try to configure SharePoint, an error will prompt saying that you cannot configure a SharePoint Farm with a local account.

To resolve this issue, there is an interesting and quick solution. You can use below command in SharePoint Management Shell. Please note, always run SharePoint Management Shell in Administrative Mode.

New-SPConfigurationDatabase -localserverrole SingleServerFarm
The New-SPConfigurationDatabase cmdlet creates a new configuration database on the specified database server. This is the central database for a new SharePoint farm.

One you run the above command, It will prompt and ask below parameters (as displayed in the picture):
  • DatabaseName: Configuration Database Name
  • DatabaseServer: SQLServer
  • FarmCredentials: Farm Admin Credentials
  • Passphrase: It can be of your own choice, kind of password

After running the command, Run the SharePoint Configuration wizard, It will automatically select the Farm and Configuration Database and becomes ready to mode to next step.

Note: This method is tested and working for SharePoint 2016 & 2013 both.

Resolving Space Issues on SharePoint Server caused due to SP Logs

Well, freeing space on server, cleaning up logs are usually admin tasks, but in case of Development servers, Mostly Developers are doing those tasks. Therefore, this particular article i have written from developers prospective.

Case & Solution:  
In case your SharePoint  Server is running out of Storage, Please check with Win Dir tool as shown in the above image. You can download that tool from below link: 
Download URL:

In most of the cases it is due to Logs files created by SharePoint.By inspecting WinDirStat tool, If you find any DATA folder under Program Files >> SQL Server >> … >> is occupying exceptionally high space,List out which DB logs are taking more spaces.
Run the below SQL scripts. Replace the WSS_Content_DB with Actual DB name which occupying higher space. Repeat the process for every single DB which is taking more space.

SQL Script: 

How to send bulk email using PowerShell Script

Several times we need to email to numerous people and email content varies from person to person. PowerShell script can be an easier solution for you. Below is the sample PowerShell Script to send bulk emails. It is fetching data from CSV file (represented in above screenshot). This script will send individual email to every single person listed in CSV. A basic knowledge on PowerShell required to modify the code as per your requirement.

You can find this code at my GitHub Repository also.