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IT Articles & Code samples
I have been writing several blogs on SharePoint and Office 365 but not limited to that. My blogs and articles has been several times re-shared by numerous tech forums. I have published several code samples to opensource community such as GitHub and CodePlex. Apart from these, I have been actively replying to the queries on technical forums such as MSDN Technet Social. You can find my technical articles here -- Bipul's Technical Article
Articles on E&E
Also, I have been engaged in presenting research paper at conferences and writing technical articles. Several articles has been published at EEP other Technical websites. I have been invited for several magazines including Electrical India to contribute technical articles. Explore my articles on electrical technologies here -- Bipul's articles on EE Portal (EEP). My articles were appreciated and re-shared by Tech-Giants like ABB (@ABBGroupnews) and International Society of Automation (@IAS_Interchange) on social networks.
Research Publications / Conferences
My two papers has been presented and published at National level conferences. Here are the abstract of those two:
1. Designing antenna arrays.
Authors: Bipul Raman, H N ShreeHarsha
Conference: National level Conference at GIT Jaipur
Abstract- An antenna array is a group of identical antenna elements arranged usually in a regular fashion. In a linear array, the elements are arranged along a straight line. They are arranged on a grid of points on a plane for a planar array. Generally the currents through the elements are of different amplitudes and phases in order to obtain greater control over the radiation pattern. The current excitations would largely determine how sharp the resultant radiation pattern is and how small the side lobe levels are in comparison to the main lobe. After calculating the current excitations, one would want to visualize the resultant radiation pattern to verify the design. Here we demonstrate how toolboxes such as signal processing, image-processing and optimization toolboxes can help in designing an array and visualize its radiation pattern.
2. Detecting Micro structures Using Image Segmentation
Authors: Bipul Raman, H N ShreeHarsha
Conference: National level Conference at AIT Bangalore
Abstract- This paper addresses how to detect microstructures within objects shown in the image. Any kind of detection in an image is known as image segmentation. Our Paper addresses segmentation method consists of the following steps: i. Find all the small structures in the image. ii. Find the large objects in the image. iii. Extract the common elements to both images.