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R&D Lab

I have always been interested in doing research and analysis specially on web applications and have been developing tools / software which i have made open-source. Codes can be found on GitHub. Also, I am working on various cloud platforms to analyze more effective and less or justified cost solutions.
Apart from this, I have been interested in giving guest lectures and mentoring beginners.
Here are some Apps/Tools developed by me:

AI enabled ChatBot 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabled Facebook ChatBot working with Business Data hosted on SharePoint, triggering workflows and email alerts.Features:
  • ChatBot on facebook Messenger
  • AI and NLP supported
  • Making Data transactions with SharePoint Online
  • Triggers Workflow and Email Alert 

FB Account Data Miner
A software which can be use to extract basic account data of a Facebook account without logging in to Facebook.Features:
  • Facebook log-in not required.
  • Distinguishing between Page and Profile
  • RSS Feeds URL for Facebook Page
  • Basic account information
Source code:
Note: This tool had been depreciated due to change in Facebook Graph API.

JNVS Alumni WebApp
JNV Sitamarhi Alumni Web App is having a very unique architecture of ZERO cost, as the complete application is based on free Google Services such as Google AppEngine, Google Forms, Google Spreadsheet, Google AppScript, Google's Material Design, Angular JS and Kendo UI. This is a Proof of Concept to develop ZERO Cost application for small businesses.

Other several tools / code samples
Several applications, powershell based scripts, code sample for realtime problem solutions i have created. You can explore all my codes at my GitHub repository.
GIT-Hub link: