Dev Blogs

I have been writing several blogs on Microsoft Technologies but not limited to that. My blogs and articles have been re-shared several times by numerous tech forums. Apart from these, I am active on several technical community forums such as MSDN, Technet Social.

You can find my technical articles here : Bipul's Technical Article.

Dev Works

I have published code snippets which were my personal projects or POCs as open source on GitHub as a token of contribution for Developer's community. Due to some legal obligations I cannot publish all the work and automation on GitHub. You can watch my application demo on my YouTube channel.

Watch demo on : AI enabled Facebook ChatBot working with Business Data

Check out my repositories on GitHub : @BipulRaman

Research Publications

During my college days, my two research papers were presented and published at National level conferences. Some of my papers / articles were cited in other research papers as well.

Visit my Google Scholar Profile to view details of my publications.

Technical Articles on EEP

During my college days, Several articles were published at EEP and other Technical websites. I have been invited for several magazines including Electrical India to contribute technical articles. My articles were appreciated and re-shared by Tech-Giants like ABB (@ABBGroupnews) and International Society of Automation (@IAS_Interchange) on social networks.

Explore my articles on Electrical Technologies here : Bipul's articles on EE Portal (EEP).

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