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Configuring SharePoint without Active Directory Account

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When you are installing SharePoint (2016 or 2013) on your development machine outside any organization's network, you will not be having any Active Directory account to complete the SharePoint configuration wizard. In such scenario, If you try to configure SharePoint, an error will prompt saying that you cannot configure a SharePoint Farm with a local account.

To resolve this issue, there is an interesting and quick solution. You can use below command in SharePoint Management Shell. Please note, always run SharePoint Management Shell in Administrative Mode.

New-SPConfigurationDatabase -localserverrole SingleServerFarm
The New-SPConfigurationDatabase cmdlet creates a new configuration database on the specified database server. This is the central database for a new SharePoint farm.

One you run the above command, It will prompt and ask below parameters (as displayed in the picture):
  • DatabaseName: Configuration Database Name
  • DatabaseServer: SQLServer
  • FarmCredentials: Farm Admin Credentials
  • Passphrase: It can be of your own choice, kind of password

After running the command, Run the SharePoint Configuration wizard, It will automatically select the Farm and Configuration Database and becomes ready to mode to next step.

Note: This method is tested and working for SharePoint 2016 & 2013 both.

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