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How to get full scale image from Flickr

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I was going through the Flickr Photo sharing site, I wanted to save some image but it was restricting to do that. I experimented with the coding of that page and developed a method to save that image in its original high resolution that it  its full scale image. You can also follow these to get your desired image.
Follow these steps :
  • View the image
  • Press Ctrl+U (to view source code of the page)
  • Press Ctrl+F (To find )
  • Type og:image in the 'Find' box and press enter.
  • Find the JPEG image link written next to og:image
  • Copy that link of JPEG
  • Paste that link in New Tab
  • In the link, just before .JPEG,  replace z with b. (see in the photo on my post ).
  • Now press enter to open that modified link.
  • Save the image. Its in original high resolution.

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