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How to run multiple versions of Firexfox simultaneously

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Generally it is not possible to run two versions of Firefox.  So we have an alternate method to make it possible. You may follow these following steps for this :
  • Install any version of Firefox (Portable Edition) apart from the pre-installed Firefox.
  • Close all instances of Firefox Portable.
  • Copy FirefoxPortableOtherSourceFirefoxPortable.ini to FirefoxPortable (next to FirefoxPortable.exe)
  • Open FirefoxPortableFirefoxPortable.ini in a text editor (even Notepad will do)
  • Change "AllowMultipleInstances=false" to "AllowMultipleInstances=true" (no quotes)
  • Save FirefoxPortable.ini
  • Repeat for all other installations of Firefox Portable
  • Run multiple installations of Firefox Portable .
You can download Portable Firefox from here:

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