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How to create hyperlink of Facebook page in post or comment.

Many times you might have shared some Facebook page link in comments or posts. But have you ever created hyperlink text of a page  in post or comment ? Most of you will say 'NO'. Today in my post i am going to discuss a technique to create a hyperlink text in Facebook post or comment. Hyperlink text means when you click the text, it will open a link in a new tab or window.

Follow these steps to create a hyperlink text of a Facebook page :
  • Let us take an example to do this.
  • Suppose we have to create a hyperlink text of the facebook page of 'B-Technofirm'.
  • Find the link of the desired page. for the above page, we have the link as :
  • Now replace 'www' with 'graph' in the page or profile link.
  • A page will appear showing basic details of that Facebook page.
  • Find 'ID' of that page there. Ex- "id": "340060616040713"
  • Now copy that ID value.
  • Use the following syntax to create hyperlink text ->  @[ID Value : 0]
  • For B-Technofirm page, syntax will be  -> @[340060616040713:0]
  • Use the syntax in the post or comment to create hyperlink. Hyperlink will be appeared after posting the post or comment.


  1. electrical engineeringFebruary 28, 2013 at 6:04 AM

    really helpful. I will try for my Facebook page.

  2. Just what I looking for, thanks! Really useful for our companion facebook page.

  3. Nice information, i will also doing the same :)

  4. it is not working what's the error

  5. its working thanks alot frnd

  6. Thanks for the information. it works but for only facebook pages i tried for other website but it doesn't works. So do u have any idea how to do it?

  7. Thanks for this information. I've spend alot to get this info but now free from you. Thanks so much