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R&D Lab

I have always been interested in doing research and analysis specially on web applications and have been developing tools / software which i have made open-source. Codes can be found on GitHub and Codeplex. Also, I am working on various cloud platforms to analyze more effective and less or justified cost solutions.
Apart from this, I have been interested in giving guest lectures, free training sessions to students/ beginners, free suggestions/ consultancies to Educational Institutions/ Non-Profits / Students.
Here are some Apps/Tools developed by me which i have made open-source.
FB Account Data Miner
A software which can be use to extract basic account data of a Facebook account without logging in to Facebook.
  • Facebook log-in not required.
  • Distinguishing between Page and Profile
  • RSS Feeds URL for Facebook Page
  • Basic account information
Download link: Download via Codeplex
Source code:
Windows 10 Universal App
Windows 10 Universal App developed for and has been published on Windows Store. This was a POC to demostrate how a responsive website can be converted to a Windows Universal App.
App link:
Other several tools / code samples
Several applications, powershell based scripts, code sample for realtime problem solutions i have created. You can explore all my codes at my GitHub repository.
GIT-Hub link: